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Cherie is our in-house nutritionist here at CrossFit Gladstone. 


Cherie is an Internationally Recognised Health & Nutrition Coach who gained her Advanced qualification through two years of study with Well College Global (formerly Cadence Health). 

In addition to being our nutritionist she also is a coach and trains along side our members. 

Individual Consultations

45min private consult

Pantry/fridge audit


How to build meals/snacks doc.

*Meal plan


*If requested

Couple Consultations

45min private consult

Pantry/fridge audit


How to build meals/snacks doc.

*Meal plan


*If requested

Week-to-week Support

24/7 Access to Cherie

Limited positions

24/7 Accountability

$15 per week

Macronutrient Ratio Calculations

Lean Body Mass calculation

No booking/consult 



What to expect in a consulation?
We take your previous and current knowledge with nutrition onboard and build strategies to improve based on what suits your lifestyle and goals. Expect to leave feeling smarter, braver and with handful of tips to get you well on your way to eating smarter! 

You'll Get!

Recipes, written information on macros (what they are, how they impact our health), meal timing (if you’re sports oriented) and how to build meals and snacks for yourself and family (includes info on how to audit their fridge & pantry to welcome new choices and out the old).

Individual/couple consults


What is Week-to-week Support?
These positions are limited - it is an opportunity to directly share your journey with Cherie via a personalised platform where you have 24/7 access. Have your questions answered, and helpful information shared to help you build your confidence and stay accountable. Think of this as your direct support, all in the palm of your hand.


What are Macronutrient Ratio Calculations?
If you are confident in your nutrition choices and already tracking your macronutrient intake, consider this your go-to for current, up-to-date, individualised macronutrient ratio splits. When was the last time you calculated your macro-split from your current Lean Body Mass (LBM)? Don't get caught using old figures! Sustain the LBM you have right now and build on it! Cherie can work with you to calculate your LBM, Total Daily Energy Expenditure and your taste preferences to work out a split that's perfect for you. It will be neatly wrapped up and presented to you in a personal PDF format.

Week-to-week support
Maco ratio calculations
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