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We coach and live by a few simple core values which not only aim to improve us as athletes but as humans...


Hunger – We define hunger as the ability for both coaches and athletes to not only attack workouts/coaching with positivity and energy but also take the initiative to go away and research new theories, techniques, skills and coaching methods. 


Humble – We define being humble as the ability for both coaches and athletes to leave the ego’s and opinions at the door. It’s to be accepting and celebrating the achievements of others in the gym and in the greater community. Being humble is being aware that there will always be people better at certain movement/skills/workouts/stimuli but taking pride in knowing you gave 100% and not being focused on the leader board. 


Integrity – We define integrity as doing the right thing even when you are sure no one is watching both inside and outside the gym. Integrity is doing the right thing for your fellow members, coaches and owners regardless of whether it’s hard/time consuming or a hindrance to you. It’s about prioritising the urgent and the important. “The urgent is never important and the important is never urgent” - former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower. 


Mechanics – We believe that the mastery mechanics will result in a greater return on investment compared to load. We require the both athletes and coaches to continually strive for mastery of the mechanics, consistently revisiting them before gradually adding intensity in form of speed then load. Chasing a top leader board position over mechanics will always lead to disappointment. “There is no value in leader boarding. It’s always more of a negative than a positive because you comparing yourself to others rather than to your best attempt. Your attempt is the only thing in your control” – Ben Bergeron. 


Passion – We define passion as taking pride and being aware of what foods and liquids you're putting into your body, how much time you offer to social events undertaken by the gym, your desire to seek out new skills and methods of not only training but interacting with fellow clients, coaches and owners. 

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